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posted by [personal profile] drew at 12:57am on 23/02/2009
So I've been sort of incommunicado lately. Part of it is sheer busy-ness -- life hasn't slowed down, nor has work. Part of it is me not wanting to jinx myself for a couple things (more on them later). Part of it is... well, I feel like I'm in a routine. It's not a bad routine, but it means I don't have much to write about other than these couple of things I didn't want to jinx myself for...

Anyway. Updates.

1. Weight loss is continuing apace. From my heaviest, I'm down roughly 15-20 pounds, which makes me feel pretty good. I've got another 10-15 to go, and they're going to be a lot harder than the others were, but I am still motivated and still working. And it's only February! At this rate, I will totally be at my goal by June. I had to go to Target with a friend yesterday to pick up a new pair of jeans -- a waist size smaller, because my other ones keep riding too low. I have *never* gone down a waist size in my life. So that's something. But it's a slow process, and you can't measure progress day-to-day all that well.

2. I applied for a new job -- an internal opening. Didn't get it (less business experience than the candidate they went with, and also office politics, which sucks but is probably unavoidable), but impressed everyone I interviewed with. Several people said my reputation preceded me, in a good way, which was nice to hear. I don't think I could bear to still be in the same position at the end of this year, though, so I'm going to keep looking for new opportunities and simultaneously start preparing for the GMAT and thinking about business school.

3. I've gone on some dates! Nothing serious yet, but I will of course let you all know if anything turns up.

4. I'm getting a lot better at rock climbing. I can climb things now that I couldn't even dream about a year ago (when I started), and that's just an awesome feeling.


So tonight I watched the Oscars with some friends, and I had a couple of thoughts:

* I love montages
* I love Queen Latifah
* the "introduce an acting category with 5 past winners" thing was loooooooong. but kind of cool to see that much star power onstage at once
* repetitious wins for the same pictures are boring
* Dustin Lance Black should totally call me
* cut the non-"In Memoriam" musical numbers. I love musical numbers, but they don't translate well on TV. make a montage of them instead!
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posted by [identity profile] evilprettykitty.livejournal.com at 12:38pm on 23/02/2009
Doesn't it feel good to go down a size? While I haven't in years, I remember that feeling.
posted by [identity profile] wpadmirer.livejournal.com at 01:35pm on 23/02/2009
Sorry you didn't get the new job, but I'm very glad to hear that your rep is great. That's lovely.

And congratulations on the weight loss! Very cool.



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