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posted by [personal profile] drew at 11:50pm on 30/04/2009
I have five three invite codes for Dreamwidth burning a hole in my virtual pocket. If you want one, email me (at babyofthegroup at gmail) from the email address you prefer to be associated with your account; I will send you one forthwith!
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posted by [personal profile] drew at 12:56am on 29/04/2009
I iz not deded. A few things!

1. Still frustrated with job. Still looking for new position. Economy still sucks, so not likely to happen in next six months. Woe.

2. I can has audition! May 23, for ([livejournal.com profile] bexone, I swear if you laugh I will poke you VERY MALICIOUSLY) "The Full Monty". I have to come up with an audition song, which is harder than you might think -- the show is very varied in its musical styles. Thoughts?

3. Had a birthday last week. Am now cubic (27 = 3*3*3). "Late twenties" doesn't have the same ring as "mid-twenties".

4. Went dancing (lindy/swing) tonight for the first time in THREE YEARS OMG. Had a great time dancing with friends.

5. [livejournal.com profile] robanybody is having a birthday on Friday, and I will be away from my computer all day, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX! <3!
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posted by [personal profile] drew at 06:34pm on 18/04/2009 under

*Gorgeous* day - makes up for about 60% of the shit from last week. I'm actively trying to figure out how to spend *more* of this weekend outside. At the very least, I'm avoiding anything that could even come close to being work.

Hello Summer! We've missed you :)

(omg my herbs are sprouting!!!1!1)

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Test Post for customization.
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posted by [personal profile] drew at 04:02pm on 14/04/2009
I can has DW. (thank you, [livejournal.com profile] dine!) Finally, a journal named "drew" instead of the now-obnoxiously-long "babyofthegroup". Especially since I am no longer the baby of the group!

I will be setting it up over the next week or two, and whenever I get invite codes, y'all will know about it. After all, one good deed deserves another :)

...without making mention of the fact that I'm home sick today. blargh.
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posted by [personal profile] drew at 11:07pm on 12/04/2009
Still not dead. Still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. Still like dyeing eggs. Life moves too fast for me, sometimes. It was good to get down to Santa Cruz and see A's family again; her dad really grounds me and her mom is just the most effusive personality. And, of course, dyeing eggs is fun :) Roommate E managed one that's *paisley*. We were all in awe. I also can't believe the weekend is over already -- where does the time go? See above at "life moves too fast". I really need a vacation.

In other news, does anyone have a free Dreamwidth invite code? I'm hoping to snag the username "drew" before anybody else does. I'm signed up with my OpenID (babyofthegroup.livejournal.com), and I've been on the announcement email list for a while. I've seen lots of people on my LJ friendslist popping up with invite codes -- any of you want to share the love? :)
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posted by [personal profile] drew at 12:51am on 29/03/2009
[livejournal.com profile] lovelypoet, I saw you in the Safeway today. I didn't come over and say "hi" because I was on a date (which: more later) -- we'd stopped in to get something to drink because we were just coming off the beach and planning to wander around the park for a while.

I appear to be striking out on the boy front, though. This one was breathy-voiced and lispy (neither of which comes across in email) and totally passive. In fairness to him, I may give him one more shot -- unless it's an absolute nightmare, I think most people deserve two dates -- but the stake has been put in the ground.

His roommates, on the other hand, were very cool. Actually (amusingly) I'd messaged one of them on OKCupid (same place I met this guy) and we chatted by email for a while until he went away on a trip and stopped responding to my email, at which point I stopped sending them. This was over a year ago, and there was no indication he remembered me or knew who I was, so disaster averted. But he was cuter and more assertive than the guy I was on a date with :-|
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mental health days yesterday and today. called in sick, responded to email sporadically (sadly, even on my sickdays i can't give up work entirely), etc. leaving tonight to go skiing. back sunday; hold all my calls.

(one day i will be back and have something substantive to say, but today is not that day)
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Oh my god, Rachel Maddow, I love you SO MUCH.

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posted by [personal profile] drew at 11:05pm on 08/03/2009
Dear LiveJournal,

Today I had my third date with a boy. He is smart and nice and while not drop-dead handsome, is at least not unpleasing to look at. We have exchanged a total of two (2) awkward hugs and zero additional physical touches. Body language is not completely "hands off!" but is also not particularly open and welcoming. By the standards of the first two boys I've kissed, I'm about... three dates behind on the kissing front.

So... now what? Do I need to make a move? If so, how do I do it? I have, in the past, always had the moves put on me.

(also, if this means he's a bottom, things are *not* going to work out. sigh.)



In other news, the movie we went to see on our date was Watchmen (to quote one of my straight male friends: "man, it's gotta be so easy when two guys pick a date movie -- you don't have to go see chick flicks!") and, well. I think I need to read the graphic novel to get the full gist of it, but holy shit was that violent. Like, really, really, *really* violent. Maybe when I read it I'll "get" that as well, but it just seemed like overkill (pun intended).

Anywho, I don't think I know well enough to say whether any one person would like it, but the fandom-obsessed on my flist probably will anyway :)
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We desperately need the rain, but it's freaking *depressing*. Wait. Now we appear to be having a hailstorm. It is 55 degrees outside! WTF!

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posted by [personal profile] drew at 12:57am on 23/02/2009
So I've been sort of incommunicado lately. Part of it is sheer busy-ness -- life hasn't slowed down, nor has work. Part of it is me not wanting to jinx myself for a couple things (more on them later). Part of it is... well, I feel like I'm in a routine. It's not a bad routine, but it means I don't have much to write about other than these couple of things I didn't want to jinx myself for...

Anyway. Updates.

1. Weight loss is continuing apace. From my heaviest, I'm down roughly 15-20 pounds, which makes me feel pretty good. I've got another 10-15 to go, and they're going to be a lot harder than the others were, but I am still motivated and still working. And it's only February! At this rate, I will totally be at my goal by June. I had to go to Target with a friend yesterday to pick up a new pair of jeans -- a waist size smaller, because my other ones keep riding too low. I have *never* gone down a waist size in my life. So that's something. But it's a slow process, and you can't measure progress day-to-day all that well.

2. I applied for a new job -- an internal opening. Didn't get it (less business experience than the candidate they went with, and also office politics, which sucks but is probably unavoidable), but impressed everyone I interviewed with. Several people said my reputation preceded me, in a good way, which was nice to hear. I don't think I could bear to still be in the same position at the end of this year, though, so I'm going to keep looking for new opportunities and simultaneously start preparing for the GMAT and thinking about business school.

3. I've gone on some dates! Nothing serious yet, but I will of course let you all know if anything turns up.

4. I'm getting a lot better at rock climbing. I can climb things now that I couldn't even dream about a year ago (when I started), and that's just an awesome feeling.


So tonight I watched the Oscars with some friends, and I had a couple of thoughts:

* I love montages
* I love Queen Latifah
* the "introduce an acting category with 5 past winners" thing was loooooooong. but kind of cool to see that much star power onstage at once
* repetitious wins for the same pictures are boring
* Dustin Lance Black should totally call me
* cut the non-"In Memoriam" musical numbers. I love musical numbers, but they don't translate well on TV. make a montage of them instead!
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I somehow ended up being at the table when my roommate opened a package from her sister to find a Diva Cup inside. One day I will be less squicked by feminine hygiene products, but today is not that day.

(sidethought: holy shit, I am so gay!)

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...but I could really use good vibes around 4pm PST today.


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posted by [personal profile] drew at 11:28pm on 11/02/2009
I've avoided posting lately because my life is a mass of change, and every time I blog about the good parts, they go away. So consider this a placeholder for "stuff is happening! good stuff!"

I just don't want to jinx myself.
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posted by [personal profile] drew at 05:04pm on 06/02/2009
After my roughly sixty-hour workweek, I left the office three hours early, beat myself up at the gym, and came home. I have ordered a pizza, which is totally not on my diet, but fuck it -- I want a pizza and I have been cranky about calorie-reduction lately.

ALSO. Can someone tell me what all this "colon cleansing" stuff is about? I've started seeing ads for it *everywhere*. Is it actually beneficial in any way, or are people scamming? I cannot tell!
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Sides of Interstate 80 still have Yes On 8 signs, weathered and torn. Not sure if this is a metaphor or just fucking annoying.

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posted by [personal profile] drew at 01:38pm on 30/01/2009
Gone skiing, brb.
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I didn't want to replace my last entry, because it's still true: homg, President Obama! But. The economy: fucked, or royally fucked?

(oh my god, you guys, I am so glad to still be employed. these employment numbers are fucking *scary*)

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posted by [personal profile] drew at 09:49pm on 20/01/2009
I just keep pinching myself.

President Obama



12 13
14 15
29 30